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Omicron: Learn about Covid-19 third wave’s impact on kids, pregnant ladies

In response to the World Well being Organisation, pregnant ladies don’t appear to be at larger threat of getting SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19 however research level at an elevated threat of creating extreme Covid-19 if the pregnant ladies are contaminated. This has been related to an elevated probability of preterm delivery and has whipped up a sequence of query with the commonest one being, “Should pregnant and lactating women be vaccinated against Covid-19?”

The United Nations Youngsters’s Fund highlights that although kids should not the face of Covid-19 pandemic, they threat being amongst its largest victims since their lives are being modified in profound methods amid this common disaster therefore, for some kids, the affect might be lifelong. Because the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic noticed many circumstances of kids getting contaminated from the lethal virus, query on “Will the third wave of coronavirus be more challenging for kids?” has been doing the rounds for quite some time.

Should pregnant and lactating women be vaccinated against Covid-19?

Dr Preeti Goyal, Medical Director at vHealth by Aetna, shares, “As per the various professional bodies like ACOG and WHO, Covid vaccination is allowed and in fact advocated for pregnant and lactating women at any stage of their pregnancy or lactation. It should however be taken under the guidance of a physician, checking for other contraindications and any special needs. Vaccinating the woman in fact, transfers some benefits to the newborn and is promoted by the Pediatric professional bodies too.”

Vidhi Dhingra, Senior Clinical Dietician, echoed the same and said, “Yes, it is advisable by WHO to go for Covid vaccination if you are pregnant or lactating. Pregnant ladies experience a mix of emotions and adjustments to their life which can get particularly aggravated during Covid-19 restrictions. It is important to take the vaccination to reduce the fear of contracting an infection and relinquish at least one concern off the list, albeit with continued Covid appropriate precautions.”

She adds, “I also advise pregnant or lactating women to do mindful eating, not triggered by emotions. While vaccination will help build Covid immunity both for the mother and child, a balanced diet with small and frequent meals is equally important to make sure all the nutrients a mother and baby need are provided for overall wellbeing.”

Will the third wave of coronavirus be more challenging for kids?

As per Dr Preeti Goyal, “The third wave of Covid will affect adults and kids alike and the myth around children being affected in higher numbers or to greater degree of severity is not based on any scientific evidence. Children naturally are less likely to develop severe illness due to Covid than adults.”

Nevertheless, she cautioned, “Extreme/severe sickness does happen in kids and all precautions to guard the youngsters from an infection ought to be taken. Vaccination for youths in sure age teams has began in India and ought to be promoted. That is prone to be prolonged to youthful ages within the coming months, offering larger safety to our youngsters.”

Sharing her inputs on the identical, Dr Ashna Gupta, Senior Medical Psychologist revealed, “In this pandemic, the mental health of children has become a serious concern due to various reasons including online classes, social isolation, prolonged screen time and in some cases parental fatigue. With the surge of recent variants, it can be assumed that the children will continue to struggle with pandemic induced challenges but the impact of the third wave will be quite similar to the first two waves.”



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