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How Muslim Clerics In Dharavi Are Busting Covid Myths To Push Neighborhood For Vaccination

New Delhi: As Covid-19 began gripping nations one after one other in early 2020, unprecedented measures had been being taken the world over. Whereas lockdown, social distancing, and quarantine had been the preliminary measures to cease the unfold of the novel coronavirus, pharma corporations began to work on the Covid vaccine in expedited mode, as governments tried onerous to make sure an enormous public outbreak is averted at any value.

Each nation had its personal problem, and India’s was to maintain its massive inhabitants below lockdown throughout this international pandemic.

With scorching spots popping up right here and there within the early days of the coronavirus outbreak, all eyes had been on Dharavi —  a slum space in Mumbai with a high-density inhabitants who shared civic facilities similar to public bathrooms.

However Dharavi managed to include the virus.  

Because the “Dharavi model” gained fame worldwide, there’s a story of how a gaggle of Muslim clerics pushed the neighborhood to maneuver in the direction of quarantine facilities and get vaccinated as hysteria and misinformation had been rampant.

As a way to combat Covid, no rest was given for any form of gathering together with religion-based. Throughout this era in 2020 Ramazan was at its peak, so was the pandemic. Muslims weren’t in a position to go to mosques to do their common prayers.

With isolation and social media as an everyday device for spending time, paranoia crept in Dharavi’s Muslim neighborhood with murmurs of the lockdown being a curb measure by the present authorities to carry Muslims again from performing their non secular duties.

Dispelling this taboo and different misinformation, a gaggle of Muslim clerics from Dharavi took it upon themselves to tell and educate the inhabitants by numerous means. Enabled by the Bhamla Basis, a small group of Muslim Clerics, popularly known as Maulvis, got the duty to take away the “misconceptions propagated by some political parties”.

Asif Bhamla, the founding father of Bhamla Basis, informed ABP Information: “The challenge was to bring the infected people to quarantine centers first and that could only be done when the leaders from within the community helped.”

He added: “There are many mosques in Dharavi and the local clerics have an influence. With mass prayers ceased, these Maulvis took the onus of reaching out to the community and do a door-to-door campaign spreading awareness.” 

After the quarantine challenge came to an end, the bigger challenge was to get people from the Muslim community in Dharavi vaccinated.How Muslim Clerics In Dharavi Are Busting Covid Myths To Push Neighborhood For Vaccination

Meraj Hussain, CEO of Bhamla Foundation, said people in Dharavi were misguided into thinking that the vaccination drive was against the minority population.

“I have videos where Muslims declared that they wouldn’t take the covid-19 shots at all. Adults were scared and thought they would die after getting vaccinated,” he said.

Misinformation was all around regarding the vaccine from the contains of the covid vaccine to the adverse effect it will have.

This fear was busted by the Maulvis who went around in Dharavi spreading the correct information. People listened to them as they not only talked about scientific measures involved in the vaccination process but also quoted Islamic Hadith (Prophet’s saying) in order to develop trust in the ongoing process.

Maulana Khalid Shaikh of Jama Masjid in Dharavi said “maulvis were shown a video first on the efficacy and the process of covid vaccines. How it is made and how it is tested. On being satisfied, we went door-to-door to explaining about its importance in the community”.

Maharashtra was hit hard during the second wave of Covid-19 and it is right now in mode to tackle a plausible third wave. Keeping that in mind, the “Dharavi Mannequin” and the work done within the community by Muslim clerics with the help of the Bhamla Foundation become all important now than ever.

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