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Budh Dosha Cures: If You Have ‘Budh Dosha’ In Your Horoscope Take These Measures

Budh Dosha Cures: Every single day of the week is devoted to a Hindu deity. Monday is devoted to Lord Shiva, Tuesday is devoted to Lord Hanuman and Wednesday is devoted to Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna and Lord Budh (Mercury). Measures have to be taken on Wednesdays in case you’ve gotten ‘Budh Dosha’ in your horoscope. The planet Mercury is taken into account to be one related to intelligence. It’s believed that if an individual’s Mercury is in a robust place in his horoscope, he could acquire plenty of wealth, fame and recognition. Then again, when Mercury weakens, it causes complications, pores and skin and neck issues. 

It’s mentioned that folks with Mercury in a weak place of their horoscope ought to chant the ‘Budh Graha Shanti Mantra’ each Wednesday to please Lord Budh (Mercury). Chanting this mantra each Wednesday may assist cut back the unhealthy impacts of Lord Budh in a single’s life. One additionally must take these measures each Wednesday to cut back the ailing results of Mercury of their lives. So let’s discover out.  

Measures to be taken on Wednesday:

-Budh (Mercury) is believed to be the God of knowledge and endurance. It’s mentioned that worshipping Lord Budh can deliver knowledge and prudence in an individual’s life, aside from awakening religious consciousness.  

-Based on astrologers, it’s essential to have a relaxed and composed temperament and to take care of a cordial relationship with kinfolk to remove ‘Budh Dosha’.  

-In case you’ve gotten a predominant ‘Budh Dosha’, it’s thought of auspicious to get the nostril pierced. Nonetheless, you should seek the advice of a priest earlier than doing so.  

-In Hinduism, cows are thought of extremely auspicious. It’s mentioned that many gods and goddesses reside inside a cow. Due to this fact, worshipping the cow and feeding it contemporary grass each Wednesday helps present reduction from ‘Budh Dosha’.  

-It’s also mentioned that putting a purple flag within the east route of the home will help remove ‘Budh Dosha’.  

– You may as well remove the ailing results of ‘Budh Dosha’ by chanting the mantra “Un ain hreen kleen chamundayai viche” each day. 

Budh Shanti Grah Mantra:

Priyangukalikashyam rupenapratim budham.

Soumya Soumyagunopeta Tan Budham Pranamayaham.

This mantra implies that your physique is just like the night time, your character is just like the night. Your face shines vibrant like a diamond. You’re proficient in all elements and qualities. “O Lord Mercury, I bow down to you and pray for my growth”.

Disclaimer: The data offered right here is predicated on assumptions and data solely. It is very important point out right here that ABPLive.com doesn’t endorse any sort of perception or data. Earlier than making use of any data or assumption, kindly seek the advice of the involved skilled.

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